The Living Fit Project


First, yes I wiped the entire blog clean to start fresh. I originally started The Living Fit Project during my initial struggle to manage my weight and get it back under control. Over the last 3 years since I started the blog I have learned so much, I have faced some serious personal and professional struggles. The way I look at life, fitness and health is very different now. It is more than just showing up at the gym 3 – 5 times a week and cranking away at weights. It is more than the food preparation and food choices. It is in the activities I choose to do in my free time, activities and the choices I make with my kids and family. It is a complete lifestyle spanning from the moment we wake up in my house to the time we go to bed, and even while we sleep. Yes rest and recovery is equitably important in this cycle. Living Fit is about living a healthy and fit lifestyle. After all my goal is to be able to live longer and have fun while doing it. My goal is to Live Fit!

I welcome you to my corner of the world where this blog will take you on every adventure I go on, ask and answer every question I have. I am dedicating myself to seeking out answers from as many professionals as I can as I take my health and fitness to yet another level.


One thought on “The Living Fit Project

  1. Congrats! I agree with you completely. Living fit is what it is all about. Forget losing weight. If you are eating correctly and exercising regularly you won’t have a weight problem. Best of luck with your venture!

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