Improving Stamina Through Progression Running


Progression runs are great for building stamina, mental strength and learning to run increasingly faster at the end of a race. A progression run is a run with structured pace increases from beginning to end. The distance and pace will vary based on your specific training goals.

Practicing this is also a method that can be applied during races. A runner can learn how to make a long solid sustained push at the end, which can be particularly devastating at the high school and collegiate level.

The way a progression run is structured, it forces runners to start slowly. While learning mental patience runners have a chance to allow the body to fully warm-up. Progressions runs can be incorporated several times during the training cycle without fear of over training or injury.

The goal of a progression run is to become comfortable running your goal race pace on tired legs at the end of your workout. They should be designed to boost your stamina by introducing speed gradually over the course of your training run.

There are ton of variations but below is just a basic sample. You can mix this up by doing a paced run out and a more aggressive run back to your starting point, go by times, etc.

A sample progression run:

Mile 1: Warmup pace
Mile 2: 10k pace
Mile 3: 5k pace
> Optional 5k End <
Mile 4: 1 mile pace
Mile 5: 10k pace
Mile 6: Warmup/Cool down pace
> 10k End


The Types Of People You Don’t Need In Your Life, If You Must Succeed


We need people in our lives. No one can make it alone that is why there has never been a rich hermit. But in order for you to become successful, to make your dreams come true and to live your great…

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The Living Fit Project


First, yes I wiped the entire blog clean to start fresh. I originally started The Living Fit Project during my initial struggle to manage my weight and get it back under control. Over the last 3 years since I started the blog I have learned so much, I have faced some serious personal and professional struggles. The way I look at life, fitness and health is very different now. It is more than just showing up at the gym 3 – 5 times a week and cranking away at weights. It is more than the food preparation and food choices. It is in the activities I choose to do in my free time, activities and the choices I make with my kids and family. It is a complete lifestyle spanning from the moment we wake up in my house to the time we go to bed, and even while we sleep. Yes rest and recovery is equitably important in this cycle. Living Fit is about living a healthy and fit lifestyle. After all my goal is to be able to live longer and have fun while doing it. My goal is to Live Fit!

I welcome you to my corner of the world where this blog will take you on every adventure I go on, ask and answer every question I have. I am dedicating myself to seeking out answers from as many professionals as I can as I take my health and fitness to yet another level.